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Another shotty, another joy. Pardus BA straight pull bolt action system is a fun to operate compared to pump action and semi-auto shotguns. A manual operated system for whom not to go far to the forend. The idea is to give the movement manually by hand with the bolt handles from both sides of the receiver. 

It is all about a straight pull back and release the bolt handle. The return bolt spring will do the rest for you. When a bolt action is considered in shotguns, rather than getting that in a classical carbine design the idea was to offer all available features on a bolt action usage. Generally the carbine bolt action rifles are donated with some fixed features that there are not much choices for customizing the gun. However based on a semi-auto and pump action shotgun platform, by fixing the system only to be a bolt action, and having the availability of using different kind of stocks, magazine capacity, sight sets and other add ones brought out Pardus BA.

The bolt handles are engaged to the action bar (or bolt carrier) and by pulling the handles back the discharging movement is made. There is a return spring with the same mentality of the action springs on the semi-auto shotguns which provides the return and chambering the next cartridge.

It is been a question in the past when first straight pull rifles were used in past and did not come popular as the turning lock bolts. Main case was the reliability of the locking method and hardness of un-locking after higher power ammo. In case of powder dirt the hardness of un-locking of a straight pull was the main problem. The turning lock had always an angle and brought easiness.

When it comes to a shotgun, which is set to a locking system of regular, there is no issue about the locking reliability and easiness of opening where there is no change on this. The easiness on the system is the return spring which saves energy and time for the next shot. The bold handles are arranged as the maximum rear position is just on the trigger so there is a direct reach to trigger after releasing the handle.

BA is produced in both tubular magazine and fed magazine. There are availabilities according to different markets with lower or higher capacity magazines. There are plenty of choices to customize the product in tactical versions. Stock sets, sight sets, choke options and different finish choices such as cerakote, camo and walnut stock sets.


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