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PARDUS S(Extractor, Steel, All Gauges)
PARDUS ES (Auto Ejector, Steel, 12/20/.410 Gauges)
PARDUS S2 (Extractor, Steel, Double Trigger 12/.410 Gauges)
PARDUS ES2 (Auto Ejector, Steel, Double Trigger 12 Gauge Only)
PARDUS L(Extractor, Aluminum Alloy, 12 G

PARDUS EL(Auto Ejector, Aluminum Alloy, 12 Gauge Only
GAUGE: 12/76 (3”), 20/76 (3”), 28/70 (2 ¾”), .410/76 (3”)
SYSTEM: Break Barrel Over and Under 
BARREL: 76 cm (30”) / 71 cm (28”)  / 66 cm (26”)  / 61 cm (24”)  / 51 cm (20”)
TRIGGER: Single or Double Trigger (Check Above Model Descriptions)
CHOKE: Fixed Choke or Interchangeable Choke Set
RECEIVER:    Steel or Aluminum Alloy, Silver or Black
EJECTORS: Extractors or Auto Ejectors (Check Above Model Descriptions)
SIGHT: Top Rib or Open Sight
STOCK SET: Standard Turkish Walnut or Synthetic (Synthetic only on 12 Ga. Pardus S/ES)
WEIGHT: 3.050 gr. (On 12 Ga. 71 cm Barrel)
FINISH: Matte or Glossy
OPTIONAL EXTRAS: #Extended Choke Tubes #Half or Full Hand Engraving #Oil Finish Walnut Stock Set #Upgraded Walnut #Crakote or Camuflage Coating (On Synthetic Stock) #Adjustable Stock Set #Hard Plastic Case #Shorter Barrel Options



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