PROHUNT 2023 Exhibition Attendance

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PROHUNT 2023 Exhibition Attendance



Pardus Defence proudly participated in Prohunt Hunting Arms & Outdoor Expo, showcasing cutting-edge shotguns and connecting with enthusiasts, dealers, distributors and industry experts. Here's a glimpse of our experience. Pardus Defence impressed attendees with a diverse range of shotguns, blending innovative technology, precision engineering, and craftsmanship to cater to various outdoor sports enthusiasts. The exhibition provided a valuable opportunity to engage with passionate customers and fellow shotgun enthusiasts, fostering insightful conversations and enthusiastic demonstrations.

We proudly unveiled our latest shotgun models, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries of performance. The exhibition facilitated collaboration and networking, enabling us to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships within the industry.

At Pardus Defence, customer satisfaction is paramount, and the exhibition allowed us to listen to feedback, understand needs, and provide exceptional service and support. We express gratitude to all attendees, partners, and customers for their support. Stay connected with Pardus Defence for the latest innovations and future endeavors.


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