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We believe there is no end of imagination and there is still way to create new ideas and products. We have brought out a new design and working system on a shotgun platform that will be only able to operate with a button.

Pardus BRS17 is a design which carries intellectual rights and has something not used before. The idea is provide the loading only upon decision of the shooter on a repeating shotgun. The platform carries characteristics of a semi-auto but not a semi-auto or pump action. We call this “bolt release” shotgun.

BRS17 system works in this principle; the shotgun is designed at the moment to have a tubular magazine. The first action starts with pulling the bolt handle back as in semi-auto shotguns and a cartridge drops on the carrier. As far there is a cartridge on th carrier, on the known semi-auto systems the bolt release button on side of the receiver is deactivated and bolt automatically slides forward and chambers the cartridge.

On BRS17 the bolt is catches by a button extension part which is located at the rear top of the receiver inside. This catch can only be released by the bolt release button on the rear top of receiver outside which can be easily reached by thumb. Only pressing this button will release the bolt to slide and chamber the cartridge. 

The system is not only a bolt catch and release; the release button has another job to do before releasing the bolt, that is to lift the carrier. On BRS17 the system is set as not to be converted to a semi-auto system. Deactivating the bolt catch will provide an action like in semi-autos; however there will not be any feeding of cartridge, because the carrier only lifts when the button is pressed.

Pressing the bolt release button first will lift the carrier and the cartridge will be ready to be driven by the bolt. Just in millimeters, pressing the button little bit more than the bolt will be released and slide together with the cartridge and chamber. When all cartridges finish, releasing the bolt, first the regular release button on the side of receiver to be pressed then the main release button on the rear top of receiver.

This is a unique system first time brought by Pardus to the industry. BRS17 is a manual feeding repeating shotgun. The system does not have a carrier latch or adaptable place and the tolerances in the shotgun receiver and mechanism is set not to accept any of our or other manufacturers’ carrier latches that can be used in the system for changing. Therefore we say BRS17 is “if no button then no action”.


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