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One of three different semi-auto shotgun systems is S series. Which is produced currently in 12 and 20 gauges only and carries classical gas piston system with front action spring over the magazine tube. Being used all opportunities of today's technology, this shotgun provides more than the expectations compared to relevant competitors in the market. S'Series provide proper functioning between 28gr. and 52gr. loads. 24 Gr. loads also can be used with special spring arrangement. Offered with alternative camouflage patterns together with wooden and black synthetic stock options. Color coating choices on receiver is a plus for users who look for visual differences. Interchangeable choke system and fiber-optic front sight is standard on the models which has top rib. Other than usual land and water-fowling, with slug option having an adjustable sight set is a proper choice for wild boar or other slug use hunts and shoots.


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